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Our mission


So who are we?

Incense Caravan is a recent establishment by a group of three entrepreneurs. Their own passion for travel grew from spending more than five years on the road leading cultural tours throughout the world. The need to share their country and their values with other like-minded people and offer trips to unusual places that gave an opportunity to discover different cultures led to the creation of Incense Caravan. Over the last decade, by listening to your feedback and taking to the road ourselves to recce new destinations, we have introduced tours to all sorts of new areas while remaining committed to offering the very best in out-of-the-way adventure travel.


We are recognised as a specialist in travel to Middle East, especially the Republic of Yemen. Our clients vary from all walks of life simply looking to take the time out and enjoy themselves. We offer the choice of travelling in comfort with your own private guide and chauffeur venturing into areas inaccessible to larger tour groups, or joining small groups on selected itineraries.