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Safety and security in Yemen - Important!

At the moment we are strongly advising against any kind of trip to Yemen mainland due to ongoing political situation.

How to get to Yemen

Sana'a International Airport (SAH) is 15 kilometres from the city center and is available with the following airlines at Sana'a International Airport:

Turkish Airlines from Istanbul, Royal Jordanian from Amman, Qatar Airlines from Doha, Saudi Airlines from Jeddah and Riyadh, Egypt Air from Cairo, Etihad Airways from Abu Dhabi and Fly Dubai from Dubai.

How to get to a Tourist Visa to Yemen - Important!

Many individuals who wish to travel to Yemen are confused – they are keen to visit Yemen, yet unsure of how to get a tourist visa to the country. There are several ways this can be done. At the moment it is not possible to obtain visa at the embassies abroad! The only way to get a tourist visa to Yemen at this moment is through a friendly travel agent.

Applying for a Tourist Visa

But there are rules in obtaining a tourist visa to Yemen through a licensed travel agent. Travel agent will issue a tourist visa for their clients wishing to take advantage of complete tour packages that typically include accommodation for the period of stay in Yemen, a tour guide and itinerary for the tourist sights and various attractions around the country. Furthermore, travel agent is committed in making sure that their clients will depart Yemen safely at the end of their tour.

Important notice
Those staying in Yemen for more than two weeks, must register at the nearest police station no later than 14 days from the date of arrival, otherwise a penalty fine of YR 5000 will be charged on the day of their departure from Yemen. This applies for all non-Yemeni nationals, including Arabs.

When to go?

A good time to visit Yemen is from October to April. However, since Yemen has many different terrains, including mountains and coastal areas, the climate varies from region to region. In the higher altitude areas, the weather can get very cold, especially at night. The weather there is very warm during the summer months, but gets cooler from October to March. On the coast, the weather is very hot and dusty throughout of the year, making it an ideal destination for water sports and nature exploration. Overall, there is very little rainfall and very high temperatures in most of the country, making it easy to visit any time of year.


Hotels in Yemen


Sheraton Gold Mohur Hotel
Hai Athawra, Aden
P.O. Box 13040
Tel: +967 2 204 010
Fax: +967 2 205 158

Elephant Bay Beach Resort
P.O. Box 13033
Tel: +967 2 202 055
Fax: +967 2 201 082

Crescent Hotel
Tawahi, Aden
Tel: +967 2 203 471/2/3
Fax: +967 2 204597

Mercure Hotel
Zubairi street
P.O. Box 5270
Tel: +967 1 212 544
Fax: +967 1 212 487

Burj Al Salam
Old city of Sana'a
P.O. Box : 2898
Tel: +967 1 483 333
Fax:+967 1 483 330

Best Western Hadda Hotel
Hadda street
P.O. Box 999
Tel: + 967 1 415 212/4/5
Fax: + 967 1 412 543

Arabia Felix Hotel
P.O. Box 2977
Tel:+967 1 287 330
Fax: +967 1287 426

Crown Suites Hotel
P.O. Box 16011
Tel: +967 1 413 507
or 413 508
Fax: +967 1 418 149

Panorama Hotel
PP.O. Box 15120
Tel: +967 1 218 972/3/4
Fax:+967 1 201 492

Taj Sheba Hotel
Ali AbdolmogniStreet
P.O. Box 773
Tel: +967 1 272 372
Fax: +967 1 274 129

Movenpick Hotel Sana'a
Dhahr Hemyer
Tel: +967 1 546 666
Fax: 967 1 546 000

Movenpick Hotel Sana'a
Dhahr Hemyer
Tel: +967 1 546 666
Fax: 967 1 546 000


Travel Advice

Visitors should bear in mind that the Yemeni people hold their traditions in high regard, namely showing courtesy and hospitality. Many of the natives still live in a nomadic setting, so modern conveniences are often hard to come by in certain parts of the country. Women are traditionally veiled in public, so visitors should make an effort to dress modestly when out in public areas. 

Oh, and about that Qat everybody is talking about...

Qat is the most popular drug in Yemen, with effects similar to amphetamine. Chewing starts after lunch, with men and women in separate rooms. Leaves are plucked and gently crushed between the teeth until a wad builds up in the cheek. It's a social activity and chewers' conversation often centres on politics and daily lives.



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