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The city of Manakah


This city lies in the Haraz mountain range surrounded by terraces situated between Baih fort in the north and the fort of Shaibam Haraz to the south and is at 2,200m above sea–level. There is a daily market in Manakah for the inhabitants of the surrounding mountain villages. In the past it was an important collection point for the coffee crop before being transported to Hodiedah and Mocha by camel caravans. Manakah is an excellent area for trekking because of the many nearby villages perched on the edge of the mountains. One that deserves special mention is Al-Hajjarah, one of Yemen's most beautiful villages.

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Al-Hajjarah Village

Al-Hajjarah is a few kilometers to the west of Manakaa. Its high-rise stone houses are some eight stories high and some were estimated hundreds of years old overlooking very steep valleys with beautiful terraces. It is not far from the historical Masar fort, which forms the first line of defense for the village from the west side. This fort is the very same fort where Ali Mohammed Al-Sulayhi emerged as the founder of the Sulayhide Dynasty (1047-1138 AD. The Ottomans stationed their cannons here to protect the delivery of military supplies to Sanaa from the red sea.


Eastern Haraz

To the east of Haraz there are many attractive villages on both sides of the road leading to Al-Hotaib where the tomb of the Ismaeli scholar Hatim Bin Ibrahim Al-Hamdani (16th century AD) can be found this is an important shrine for the followers of the Ismaeli sect who make annual visit from countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Madagascar to this and other Ismaeli shrines situated in various parts of Yemen.

It must be mentioned that the Governorates of Sana'a is rich in archaeological sites and tourist attractions in areas such as Arhab, Sanhan Bani Matar, Raimah, Khawlan, Haymatain, Ashmour and the mountains of Eyal Yazzid, Nihem and Bani Bahlool to name a few.



Situated a few kilometers away from Manakah to the northeast, lies as one of the Ismaeli Shi'ite regions of Yemen. The pilgrims congregate from as far as India at the tomb of the 16th century Yemeni da'i or preacher Hatim Alhamdani.


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